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Carolyn Votaw

Carolyn Votaw is an artist and explorer originally from the Pacific Northwest. 

Carolyn went to university in Upstate New York and took courses in Printmaking while there. While she has always created, her Printmaking courses opened new doors to a diverse medium to experiment and work within. 


After four years on the East Coast, Carolyn returned to the West Coast - the natural environment to which she feels most connected. After a brief stint in San Francisco she now lives on the Olympic Peninsula, by the sea and makes art to share with you. She has traveled near and far, and continues to do so. Italy is a frequent stop. 

Carolyn's bodies of work are often influenced by travel (land-and-seascapes) and her aim to capture a sense of place with reflection on time, nature, culture and identity. The ocean is a recurring theme in her art and life. Her small-scale works are created primarily in watercolor and various printmaking methods. 




Wetplate portrait by Susan McLaughlin & Paul d'Orleans.

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